Chances are good that if you’ve lived in your home for more than a few years, you could sell it for an attractive profit. Also, situations change; you may now find yourself with different housing needs, and it may be time to sell.

Sealing the deal on your property is a lot more involved than selling your car privately, and the advice and services of a real estate professional can be invaluable.

“if you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur. “

~Red Adair

If you need to sell quickly, a full service professional can provide far more exposure and help you choose the perfect price. You don’t want the home to sit on the market for very long, but you don’t want to leave money on the table either. I can help you arrive at a price that makes your home attractive enough to sell quickly, while fetching the best price for current market conditions.

If it’s a seller’s market, inventory is scarce, and it may be relatively easy to sell quickly, and for top dollar. In a buyer’s market house hunters have a lot more selection and the marketing strategy becomes far more critical.

If you are selling your existing property for a low price, the new home will probably be priced low as well. If you are upgrading to a larger home, this can be advantageous. But if you’re downsizing, we have to be more attentive to the market. Should you buy first, then sell; or the other way around? There are many considerations, and I am here to advise you, based on experience and the latest data.

Some sellers believe they can market their home themselves, and with considerable ease, putting the REALTOR® commission in their pocket.

It can be very frustrating to have casual lookyloos, that have not been vetted and pre-approved, looking through the home. It can potentially be very dangerous for sellers to allow randoms wandering through their home, particularly when the children are home.

Secondly, sellers don’t know what they should disclose, and buyers don’t know the questions they should be asking. Neither party knows how to protect themselves from a potential lawsuit.

In addition, some buyers are very savvy and know what homes are selling for. When selling a home privately, buyers often want to see a heavily reduced asking price, considering there is no REALTOR® professional there to advise the owner. You might save $10,000 by not using a REALTOR®, but if you underprice the home yourself by $30,000, you’ve just left money on the table.

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What is My Home Worth?

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