Fort St. John

Fort St. John, BC

Fort St. John has been named BC’s Energy Capital. It’s a strong, vibrant and sustainable community; the hub of the Northeast British Columbia.

Fort d’Epinette was constructed in 1806 by the North West Company. It was renamed Fort St. John in 1821 following the purchase of the North West Company by the Hudson’s Bay Company. Early pioneers built it into the largest city in BC’s northeast region, and the current spirit of exploration and innovation make it a community enjoying vibrant growth.

It has become the community of choice for many seeking to expand their horizons. The population is currently about 18,600, excluding the transient population count, with an area of roughly 22 square miles, situated on the upland prairies north of the Peace River.

Fort St. John is located at Mile 47 on the Alaska Highway, offering many attractions to local residents and tourists. The city offers excellent year-round sports and indoor recreation facilities. Wilderness and eco-adventures, hunting and fishing attract travellers from Europe and the US every year.

The city is in close proximity to waterways, mountains and prairies. Fort St. John is located in Canada’s most northerly agricultural region, that produces 90% of BC’s grain crops.

It is the large resource base of forestry, oil, natural gas and agriculture that provide the greatest incentive for Canadians looking to improve their financial situation. Fort St. John is located on top of a reserve of natural gas that can meet BC’s market needs for more than a hundred years. LNG proposals have increased interest in this area over the past few years.

It’s a youthful community, with an average age of 32, and very family friendly. It’s also an excellent place to secure high paying employment or start a small business. The average household income is $108,550 for 2015, up $13,000 over the past year.

With increased interest in this area, and the high quality of life it offers, housing prices are on the rise, making Fort St. John very attractive to investors.

Fort St. John

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